After Giving Birth – Tummy Tuck in Turkey

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After Giving Birth – Tummy Tuck in Turkey

Family planning is over and the twins are born. After the birth, an exciting time began for the entire family. The offspring mainly kept the mother on her toes. That’s how long the countless kilos of extra weight melt away. The belly didn’t want to stop growing during pregnancy. But happiness was all the greater with the birth and the healthy children.

Tummy Tuck in Turkey- What’s left is more skin than desired

After half a year, however, it crystallized. The pregnancy with the twins has left its mark. The regression of the abdomen has progressed, but the skin on the abdomen is anything but tight. A tummy tuck in Turkey is the perfect solution. At the same time, a short vacation with the whole family is ideal. A tummy tuck can also be performed after a caesarean section, which is often preferred for twins or multiple births.

Treat yourself to the change after the hardships

Especially when the twins lay more on the upper abdomen, the skin stretched particularly strongly. The same is true of the lower abdomen. The excess skin can still be concealed relatively well in trousers, but this is not a solution. The next summer will surely come. A tummy tuck gives the figure a firm silhouette again. No woman needs to give up her usual taut stomach after giving birth to twins. A tummy tuck can be performed six months after the birth. The ideal time can be coordinated with the clinic in Turkey and thus with the surgeon. With his expertise and the ideal time, the anticipation can grow.

A routine procedure and all is right with the world again

It starts with liposuction. The excess and residual fat is removed. As with a caesarean section, the incision is made in the lowermost abdominal fold. Before that, the general anesthetic is put on. Then the subcutaneous tissue is loosened with the skin up to the ribs. The underlying tissue is not affected by this process. The umbilicus is carefully released. The procedure takes place under anesthesia in a sitting position. This allows the surgeon to determine exactly how much excess skin to remove. The umbilicus is then reinserted and the incision neatly sewn up. All that remains is a thin line as a residual scar. An uncomplicated procedure of about three to four hours.

The Healing Process- Tummy Tuck in Turkey

The healing process usually progresses quickly. After four weeks everything is fixed. No heavy objects should be lifted during this time. Physical exertion should be avoided. With small ones, it is ideal if help is available in the household. You should only sleep on your back for the first seven days. After a week, lying on your side is a comfortable alternative. Even after three weeks, sleeping on your stomach is possible again if you wish.