Liposuction in Turkey – Antalya

Liposuction in Turkey – Antalya: The attractive liposuction surgery in Turkey for a new chapter in life!

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A liposuction in Turkey - Antalya helps you quickly and easily to the dream body if sport and diet change are unsuccessful.

Liposuction as a way to the perfect silhouette

Liposuction performed by specialist surgeons results in an even and harmonious silhouette. The beauty of your body increases your well-being and increases your self-confidence, all in all a new attitude towards life.

Medical developments are progressing steadily, also in the cosmetics industry. Therefore, clinics offer different types of liposuction. The surgeon carefully decides which method supports your wish based on your situation.

With the chosen technique, the surgeon removes the fat cells evenly and comprehensively. It is important to clear away all fat deposits in order to create the ideal result. The surgeon deliberately avoids irregularities and dents.

Individual success can be seen after a few weeks, as the skin tissue has regressed and regenerated during this time. Swelling and bruising have largely subsided after the first few weeks.

Liposuction in Turkey – Antalya

Does liposuction Turkey - Antalya replace a diet?

Diet and liposuction are two different procedures for different purposes. A diet aims to lose weight on the body and is used to keep the body healthy or general fitness.

Patients who want to have fat removed from certain areas of their body opt for liposuction. Liposuction is often used as a last resort to get rid of stubborn fat deposits, for aesthetic reasons.

You can optimize the results of your liposuction if you reduce your weight before the procedure. Reduced fat deposits simplify your surgeon’s work and ensure that the procedure is precise at the desired location.

Liposuction helps when you are unable to reduce the fat cells in certain areas of the body. You don’t have to worry about stubborn upholstery, you can confide in a doctor in Turkey.

Liposuction in Turkey

Liposuction in Turkey

More and more people are choosing cosmetic surgeries in Turkey. Abroad, discerning patients expect high-quality services at a reasonable price-performance ratio. You can expect quality service for little money.

Your doctor will inform you about the costs during a preliminary consultation. During this conversation, the doctor will explain to you individually and purposefully about the precautions, course, risks and prices of liposuction.

The staff summarizes the cost of the procedure in one invoice and you only pay for the items indicated. You do not have to reckon with financial expenses after liposuction.

The cost of liposuction Turkey – Antalya are much less than in Germany. Due to the low financial burden, those affected are increasingly choosing the services abroad. Attractive conditions and professional doctors characterize the offers.

Shape your body with liposuction

When asked why many people are not satisfied with their body, those affected often answer with “excess fat deposits”. Whether it’s “swimming rings”, “waving arms” or “muffin tops”, unruly depots spoil the overall picture.

Unsuccessful dieting and minimal results from exercise are frustrating. But you shouldn’t let your goal, the dream figure, stop you. Liposuction by specialist surgeons in Turkey will help you.

The costs for liposuction in Turkey are low, so you pay much less than in Germany. Liposuction abroad is the ideal way for patients on a budget.

With an adapted method, the surgeon removes the fat cells in the areas you want. Liposuction shapes your figure simply and easily; Surgeons routinely perform the procedure.

Types of liposuction

VaserLipo: This method describes a new type of ultrasound technology. The doctor inserts fine probes into your skin through incisions of around 5 mm and loosens the cells using pulsed ultrasound.

Tumescent procedure: The doctor will inject you with a combination of sodium bicarbonate, an anesthetic, adrenaline and water to constrict your blood vessels. The surgeon uses a pump to suck out the fat without any problems.

Vibration liposuction: With this method, the doctor loosens your fat cells from your tissue structure by shaking vibrating cannulas. The surgeon can aspirate the loosened cells evenly and quickly.

Laser lipolysis: The method known as laser-assisted liposuction follows the classic tumescent procedure. However, the doctor also guides a medical laser fiber into your tissue, which tightens your skin.

Liposuction in Antalya Turkey
Antalya Turkey Liposuction

Liposuction in Turkey is a matter of trust

You should only entrust your body to reputable doctors, because your attractiveness defines your quality of life and your well-being. For liposuction, you can rely on experienced surgeons in Turkey.

Doctors here can provide evidence of qualifications and make use of many years of experience. The surgeons know your concerns and understand your wishes, because numerous patients turn to foreign staff with individual concerns.

Surgeons in Turkey know their trade and use in-depth knowledge. Each patient requires individual treatment, after all, people differ from each other in their desires and physical characteristics.

Your attending doctor focuses on your needs and goals during liposuction. The surgeon orients the surgical method to your wishes and the initial situation. You deserve professional cosmetic surgery!

Liposuction Surgery in Turkey / Antalya Costs

Eco package
1 Zone 2,500
More Zones 2.390€

All Inclusive Package
1 Zone 2.490€
More Zones 2.990€

Liposuction - Procedure

In Turkey, surgeons adapt the type of liposuction to your individual circumstances. First, the doctor estimates the scope of the procedure and decides whether to use local or general anesthesia.

The surgeon then sucks out the fat cells in the body area you want, for example the abdomen, hips or chin. Liposuction is considered to be low-risk and puts little strain on your body.

Depending on the chosen method of operation in Turkey, the surgeon chooses the appropriate equipment and materials. Flexible working methods guarantee an optimal result and maximize your success.

In the preliminary consultation, the doctor will explain the aftercare and necessary measures to you. You should heed the doctor’s instructions so that your body can regenerate quickly. Your doctor will advise you individually.

Liposuction - Procedure Turkey
Liposuction - Procedure Antalya

Liposuction turkey Antalya - After treatment

If you have paid for the liposuction in Turkey, survived the procedure and recovered, you can leave the clinic. Usually this is possible after one day.

Your body recovers quickly from liposuction because the procedure puts little physical strain on you. Nevertheless, you should rest in order to accelerate and support physical healing.

For around three weeks after the surgery you will need to wear compression garments, in your favor. This special underwear holds your tissue together and helps the skin to recover.

After the procedure, you may experience swelling and bruising on your body. These symptoms have almost completely disappeared after about two weeks. Your doctor will be happy to inform you about accelerated healing.

Liposuction in Turkey - dates and facts

You usually do not need to book an overnight stay for liposuction. Her stay in the hospital is around one day. If the situation allows, you can even walk after a few hours.

The treatment itself takes one to three hours, depending on the surgical method and course. Your doctor will inform you about the duration of the liposuction. Experienced staff reliably predict the duration of the treatment.

Your body regenerates quickly after the liposuction because the physical stress is limited. Any pain that occurs disappears after a few days and only moderately hinders you in everyday life.

For liposuction in Turkey, the cost is comfortable. Low prices make the procedure attractive for you and you don’t have to save long for your wish.

Liposuction Antalya

No regrowing fat cells

Patients who decide to have liposuction want to enjoy the effect of the operation permanently. You can approach the procedure with peace of mind, because extracted fat cells do not grow back. Regrowth is impossible.

From birth, your genetic makeup determines the number of fat cells present in your body. Your physical blueprint provides an individual number of fat cells for each area.

Since you cannot change your genetics and the body does not produce new fat cells by itself, cells that have been sucked out do not grow back. This also applies if you gain weight.

As you gain weight, your existing fat cells increase in volume. No new cells are formed. Therefore, liposuction in Turkey is worthwhile at a cost that will hardly burden you financially.

Rhinoplasty - Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes stubborn fat deposits form that you cannot get rid of yourself. In liposuction, the surgeon removes the excess tissue individually.

In der Türkei arbeiten qualifizierte Fachchirurgen zu niedrigen Kosten. Während Ihres Klinikaufenthaltes im Ausland genießen Sie maximalen Service, ohne Zusatzkosten.

With liposuction you can optimize your entire body. Most patients have fat removed from their arms, legs, stomach and double chin.

Aspirated fat cells do not grow back because your genetics determine the number of cells. With weight gain, existing cells can increase in volume.

You will recognize your new figure just a few days after the liposuction. The final result is known after three to six months.

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